API Integration (Recommendations)

The most flexible way to get the recommendations is to use our API (see our Reference for all technical details).

You will receive your recommendations with a simple GET request:


The API does not require any authentication for the recommendations request.

Simple Recommendations Request

The most simple recommendations request only requires three additional URL-encoded parameters:

  • BaseProduct.title: Product that is in the basket - Simply send us the name or any other text string, — we accept any format.
  • Session: A session to identify the request - You can provide us any session information you have.
  • Partner: Your partner ID, to identify yourself.

In this example, we use the product "Apple iPhone 12 Pro - Pacific blue" ( URL-encoded - Apple%20iPhone %2012%20Pro%20-%20Pacific%20blue) with the session "test" and the partner ID "35up-test."

https://api.35up.io/v1/recommendations? partner=35up-test& session=test& baseProduct.title=
Apple%20iPhone% 2012%20Pro%20-%20 Pacific%20blue

No additional parameters are necessary to make your first successful API request.

Adjust Default Values

Every request uses the partner ID to load default settings for:

  • Country: Any two-digit ISO code to define the country will work.
  • Language: Any two-digit ISO code will work to define the language. Currently, our API speaks English, German, and French.
  • Limit: The number of recommendations you want to have.

These values can be adjusted in the admin area. To edit these default values during the request, additional parameters are needed. In this case, we want to take our first example, but change the values to Germany, German, and Euros, with a maximum number of 10 products:

https://api.35up.io/v1/recommendations? partner=35up-test&session=test &baseProduct.title=
Apple%20iPhone%2012 %20Pro%20-%20Pacific%20 blue&limit=10 &lang=de&country=de

The currency Euro is connected to the country Germany, so in this case no additional parameter is needed.

Provide Additional Product Information

The more information you provide about the product in the basket, the better the recommendation. To provide additional information, you can add any baseProduct* value, such as:

  • Price: Product price
  • Value: Actual value of the product (without discounts or subsidies)
  • Color: Color or design
  • Category: Product category
  • Tag: Any other product-related tag
https://api.35up.io/v1/recommendations? partner=35up-test &session=test&baseProduct.title=
Apple%20iPhone%2012%20 Pro%20-%20Pacific%20blue &limit=10&lang=de&country=de &
price=44.99 &value=999.99&color=blue &category=smartphone &tag=expensive

These additional parameters are not required, but they can provide helpful additional information.

Provide Additional Customer Information

If information about the customer could influence the recommendation, you can submit these values as well. However, you have to take care that all information provided is GDPR compliant. These values can be added as customer.*

Following is an example for an 80-year-old person from Boston:

  • Age: 80
  • City: Boston
https://api.35up.io/v1/recommendations? partner=35up-test &session=test& baseProduct.title=
Apple%20iPhone%2012%20 Pro%20-%20Pacific%20blue& limit=10&lang=de&country=de
&price=44.99&value=999.99 &color=blue& category=smartphone& tag=expensive
&customer. age=80&customer.city=Boston

These additional parameters are not required, but they can provide helpful additional information.