API Integration (Returns)

Please check the API Reference for all technical details about the API.

To request or patch a return requires authorization and needs to be executed on the backend.


35up uses the standard HTTP authorization, based on base64 encoding.

Header: Authorization
Value: basic username:password (base64 encoded)

Most tools and libraries will automatically handle this process.

Request a Return

To place an order, you need to make an authorized POST request to:


All the information needed is part of the request body:

 "orderId": "42346434",
 "items": [
     "itemId": "412412",
     "sku": "vendor_id/FEI60XX114014XXAPIP80",
     "quantity": 2
     "itemId": "100397",
     "sku": "vendor_id/FEI60XX114014XXAPIP81",
     "quantity": 1

Return information

  • OrderId: Unique ID of the 35up order that you want to return
  • ItemId: Unique ID of Vendor Order
  • SKU: SKU of product that should be returned
  • Quantity: Quantity of the item that should be returned

Update a Return

To update a return status, you need to make an authorized PATCH request to:


The ID is the order ID that should be returned.

The request body:

 "status": "approved",
  • status: The new status you want the return to have.

Return Status

  • Created: Default initial state.
  • Rejected: Processing of the return request is not possible.
  • Awaiting_return: Waiting for the customer to send back the product.
  • Expired: Customer did not ship the items in the allowed timeframe.
  • Customer_shipped: Customer shipped item (only possible if fully integrated in return-tracking process).
  • Seller_received: You received the product because the customer shipped it to you instead of the vendor.
  • Seller_shipped: You shipped the product to the vendor.
  • Vendor_received: The vendor received the product.
  • Voided: Package got lost.
  • Confirmed: The vendor received and checked all items.
  • Not_confirmed: Not all items were received or they were in the wrong condition. Dispute to be opened.
  • Awaiting_refund: Customer awaits refund.
  • Refunded: Customer received refund.
  • Awaiting_dispute: Problem has arisen that needs to be resolved.
  • Cancelled: Return was cancelled.
  • Closed: Final state — cannot be changed.