View Orders

To get an overview of your orders, click on the main menu on “Orders”. The interface will provide you a filterable list of orders:

Order List

You can filter by:

  • Date the order was created
  • Status of the order

Moreover, you can select the number of orders you want to view per page.

The order list provides your the following information:

  • Order Id: The unique identifier for every order
  • Created: The day and time the order was created
  • Customer: The name of the customer who ordered
  • Reference: Your order reference number
  • Status: Status of the order
  • Quantity: Amount of units ordered
  • Total amount: The total amount paid by the customer

Order states

The order can have the following status:

  • Pending: The order was placed in our system but not yet approved
  • Approved: The order was approved by the seller
  • Processing: The order is being processed by the vendor
  • Fulfilled: The order is fulfilled by the vendor
  • Delivered: The order reached the customer
  • Closed: The final order state