Pricing concept

For sellers, 35up provides you with 4 relevant prices:

  • Recommended Selling Price: This is the price our platform recommends you to charge from your customers for a certain product. The price is gross, including shipping. However, you can overwrite the recommended price with the selling price, if you want to charge your customers more or less.
  • Selling Price: To overwrite the recommended selling price, you can just set a new selling price. This selling price will be charged from your customers if they buy this product.
  • Purchase Price: This is the price 35up will charge you for selling the product. This is independent of your selling price.¬†
  • Return Price: In case you are returning a product, you will have to refund your customer and you will get refunded your purchase price paid. However, some vendors request a fixed price to accept a return, the return price