Product Feed

To include the vendor's products, 35up will build a proprietary interface to load the vendor’s product feed onto the platform. The product feed can be based on an API, an XML, and EDI, or a CSV/TXT file.

Whatever the format, the feed needs to provide this basic information about each and every product:

  • Product ID (SKU): A unique identifier of the product
  • Product name 
  • Short description: A one-line description about the product
  • Long description: A multi-line description about the product, with more details
  • Thumbnail image: At least one image that can be used as a thumbnail
  • Recommended seller price: A recommended price for the product
  • Shipping price: Cost to ship the item
  • Return price: Additional costs in case the item is returned (does not include return shipping prices)
  • Purchase price: The price 35up pays the vendor

Any additional information is welcomed and used internally.