Product Feed

To include the vendor's products, 35up will provide an SFTP server for the vendor. On this server, the vendor has to upload a product catalog csv file, including all product information availability quantities. The file has to be update regularly, to ensure no out of stock products are listed.

The structure of the csv file is flexible, however, following information need to be provided.

  • Product ID (SKU): A unique identifier of the product
  • Product name¬†
  • Short description: A one-line description about the product
  • Long description: A multi-line description about the product, with more details
  • Thumbnail image: At least one image that can be used as a thumbnail
  • Recommended seller price: A recommended price for the product
  • Shipping price: Cost to ship the item
  • Return price: Additional costs in case the item is returned (does not include return shipping prices)
  • Purchase price: The price 35up pays the vendor
  • Availability: Is your product currently on stock

To enable 35up to recommend your products to larger enterprises running SAP, in addition, following information should be provided:

  • GTIN/EAN: A global unique identifier of the product
  • Width: Width of the product (with and without packaging)
  • Height: Height of the product (with and without packaging)
  • Length: Length of the product (with and without packaging)
  • Weight: Weight of the product (with and without packaging)
  • Materials: List of materials of the products
  • Color: The main color of the product

Any additional information is welcomed and used internally.