Return File

To transfer the return status back to 35up, a daily returns.csv needs to be generated and uploaded to the dedicated SFTP server by the vendor. The file name should include timestamp and be unique.

The file must contain following columns, including header:

  • order_id: 35up order id from the orders.csv
  • item_id: 35up item id from the orders.csv
  • item_sku: Vendor SKU
  • returned_qty: Quantity shipped of that item
  • received_at: Date and time the return was received in UNIX timestamp
  • status: (optional) Either "vendor_received" to mark that return was received or "confirmed" to mark that return was received and accepted. Default is "confirmed"
  • message (optional) Message with more details on the return

The csv file should provide one line per item_id and order_id

Example file download