Shipment File

To transfer the shipment status back to 35up, a daily shipments.csv needs to be generated and uploaded to the dedicated SFTP server by the vendor. The file name should include a timestamp and be unique.

The file must contain following columns, including header:

  • shipment_id: Id of the shipment to clarify if an shipment included more than one item
  • order_id: 35up order id from the orders.csv
  • item_id: 35up item id from the orders.csv
  • item_sku: Vendor SKU
  • shipped_qty: Quantity shipped of that item
  • shipped_at: Date and time the shipment was made in UNIX timestamp
  • shipping_provider: (optional) Which shipping provider is used
  • shipping_method: (optional) Which shipping method is used
  • tracking_code: (optional) Tracking code of shipment
  • tracking_url (optional) Tracking url of shipment

The csv file should provide one line per item_id and order_id

Example file download