View Order Details

To view more details about an order, just click on the order row. The upcoming page will provide the following information:

Order Detail Page

On top you get informed about:

  • Order Id: The unique identifier for every order
  • Created: The day and time the order was created
  • Updated: The day and time the order was updated for the last time
  • Reference: Your order reference number
  • Status: Status of the order

On the main page you get the following information:

Order Items : Overview on the products that were ordered

  • SKU: Which product was ordered
  • Quantity: How many items were ordered
  • Selling Price: Which price was paid by the customer
  • Vendor Order Id: The unique identifier of that order at the vendor
  • Status: Status of the SKU

With a click on the SKU row, you will also get information about the product name and a product picture. Moreover, you can cancel the order or request a return.

Order item states

The sku can have the following states:

  • Created: The order item was placed in our system but not yet approved. Cancellation is possible.
  • Ordered: The order item was purchased at the vendor system. Cancellation is no longer possible.
  • Shipped: The order item was shipped by the vendor. Returns are now possible
  • Delivered: The order item reached the customer. This status is only provided in case the vendor offers tracking.
  • Closed: The final order item state. No more changes to the order and the status are possible.
  • Cancelled: The order item was successfully cancelled.
  • Awaiting_return: The return of the order item is expected.
  • Returned: The order item was returned.
  • Validating: Something extraordinary went wrong with the order, manual checkup and intervention is necessary.

On the right section you get customer information:

  • Contact information
  • Shipping Address

On the page bottom you get information on the order history: A timeline when and why the order status changed