Admin Overview

For every non-technical user, the Admin Area is the main place to get information and change settings. You can reach the Admin Area by clicking on the “Sign In” button on the top menu of 

The Admin Area is separated into 3 parts. On the left side you can see the main menu, leading to separate pages or sub-menus. On the right top side you can manage your session information and the middle segment provides you with the main information.

Dashboard Overview

View Orders

To get an overview of your orders, click on the main menu on “Orders”. The interface will provide you a filterable list of orders:

Order List

You can filter by:

  • Date the order was created
  • Status of the order

Moreover, you can select the number of orders you want to view per page.

The order list provides your the following information:

  • Order Id: The unique identifier for every order
  • Created: The day and time the order was created
  • Customer: The name of the customer who ordered
  • Reference: Your order reference number
  • Status: Status of the order
  • Quantity: Amount of units ordered
  • Total amount: The total amount paid by the customer

Order states

The order can have the following status:

  • Pending: The order was placed in our system but not yet approved
  • Approved: The order was approved by the seller
  • Processing: The order is being processed by the vendor
  • Fulfilled: The order is fulfilled by the vendor
  • Delivered: The order reached the customer
  • Closed: The final order state

View Order Details

To view more details about an order, just click on the order row. The upcoming page will provide the following information:

Order Detail Page

On top you get informed about:

  • Order Id: The unique identifier for every order
  • Created: The day and time the order was created
  • Updated: The day and time the order was updated for the last time
  • Reference: Your order reference number
  • Status: Status of the order

On the main page you get the following information:

Order Items : Overview on the products that were ordered

  • SKU: Which product was ordered
  • Quantity: How many items were ordered
  • Selling Price: Which price was paid by the customer
  • Vendor Order Id: The unique identifier of that order at the vendor
  • Status: Status of the SKU

With a click on the SKU row, you will also get information about the product name and a product picture. Moreover, you can cancel the order or request a return.

On the right section you get customer information:

  • Contact information
  • Shipping Address

On the page bottom you get information on the order history: A timeline when and why the order status changed

Request Cancellation

Cancellations can be requested within the order detail view. To request a cancellation, click on the “request cancellation” button. A cancellation request is only valid until the order is getting processed by the vendor.

Request Return

Returns can be requested within the order detail view. To request a return, click on the “request return” button. A return request is valid when the order is actually delivered already and no other, competing return was requested before. Once the return request was made, the return details can be viewed within the order detail view.

View Products

To browse the product catalog, click on “Products” in the main menu. The interface will provide you a filterable list of products in a list view and a catalog view:

List View

Catalog View

You can filter by

  • Vendor: The supplier of the product
  • Country: Availability may be different per country
  • Category: Main product category

On the top right can you switch between list and catalog view and define the number of products shown per page.

You will be provided with information about:

  • Name: Product name
  • Category: Main product category
  • Vendor: The supplier of the product
  • Active: Whether a product is active or not. Inactive products will not be shown in the recommendations on your website.

In addition, the different prices are provided for that product. Learn more about the prices in this documentation

Deactivate products

You can deactivate every product if you don’t want it to appear in the recommendations on your website. To do so, go to the product overview page and deactivate the item.

Bulk Edit Products

To change the same value for more than one product, select the products by clicking on the checkmark field on the left. To select all products of the page, click on the checkmark field in the table header.

A counter on the left top will provide you with the information on how many products you selected. You can then change the price or the activation status. With a click on “Save changes” you will overwrite the current value by your new settings for all selected products.

Pricing concept

For sellers, 35up provides you with 4 relevant prices:

  • Recommended Selling Price: This is the price our platform recommends you to charge from your customers for a certain product. The price is gross, including shipping. However, you can overwrite the recommended price with the selling price, if you want to charge your customers more or less.
  • Selling Price: To overwrite the recommended selling price, you can just set a new selling price. This selling price will be charged from your customers if they buy this product.
  • Purchase Price: This is the price 35up will charge you for selling the product. This is independent of your selling price. 
  • Return Price: In case you are returning a product, you will have to refund your customer and you will get refunded your purchase price paid. However, some vendors request a fixed price to accept a return, the return price

Overwrite Product Price

To change a price of a product, select the product in the product overview and click on the selling price. You can now set a new price and confirm with a click on the check mark.